We take pride in delivering good technical work, and are driven by a high level of motivation to secure the performance and sustainability of the transport sector.

Our Philosophy

We specialise in taking an interdisciplinary, holistic view. This helps us to resolve even complicated situations in the interests of our customers and passengers.

We are independent, and believe this to be our greatest asset. We only take on projects which are open-ended.

We are fascinated by what’s happening in the world around us. We continuously develop our skills and knowledge base by analysing transport and mobility trends globally and discussing developments with experts and practitioners in the industry.

Competition enables opportunities for new ideas and progress. Finding the right models to organise markets we draw on a range of approaches and methods developed by us. We always consider the financial, political and social impact of our solutions.

Passionate for sustainable transport we strive to achieve positive outcomes for the environment.

Creating positive change, working on engaging and interesting projects, developing and researching new topics and methods, as well as trust within team and colleagues are the core elements of our company culture at KCW.