Mobility of the future

Digital, multi-modal, and above all exceptional

The mobility of the future will be shaped by two trends: efforts to find ever-more-environmentally friendly fuels on the one hand, and increasing digitalization on the other.

We are convinced that digitalization can help users to combine various types of transport, and thereby make transportation more efficient and more environmentally friendly. There is a great opportunity here, but also a great many challenges: we are searching for sensible, custom-made solutions to these.

Selected topics:

  • Linking car sharing and bike sharing with the classic public transport system

  • Support during the establishment of sales and information platforms for local authorities and transportation associations

  • Environmentally friendly fuel types for buses and trains

  • Acceptance of new mobility options and technologies

  • Determining opportunities to bring about behavioural change through traffic management

  • Developing proposals for multi-modal travel chains from a single provider

  • Evaluating new mobility options, such as autonomous driving, with regard to effects on traffic, urban compatibility, user acceptance, and impact on classic public transport systems.