Cycling and walking

On the road by bike and on foot

Cycling & walking: the ideal solution for short journeys

We regard walking and cycling both as stand-alone forms of transport, and also complementary adjuncts to the public transport system. In view of the requirements for environmental and climate protection, and in light of the fact that many local authorities wish to significantly increase the modal split share in the environmental alliance in the coming years, we are seeking solutions to the following questions:

  • How can cycling and pedestrian traffic help the overall transportation system to be made more environmentally friendly?

  • How can cycling and walking best complement the public transport system?

  • How can we approach the problem of limited space in cities?

  • How can the interaction between public transport and non-motorised modes of transport be improved?

To answer these questions, we analyse market topics relevant to cycling and walking, and develop ideas and solutions tailored to fit the relevant issue. In so doing, we never look at modes of transport in isolation, but always take into consideration the entire mobility network in each location. We advise our customers on questions of traffic integration, for example in traffic development and local transport plans, and in tendering for public bike rental schemes. In addition we are developing ideas for bike parking, perhaps along the lines of Bike & Ride.