Bus and light rail system

For good and affordable local transport

A transport system that is both attractive and efficiently operated, involving buses, trams, and underground trains, requires clear guidelines from cities and counties. That is who determines which services will be funded and to what level of quality, and how they want to manage the public transport system.

We establish which instruments are most appropriate for streamlined and efficient collaboration between players in the transport market. To do this we need to determine: What requirements need to be fulfilled? How much freedom should be allowed? These questions are particularly relevant for the owners of municipal companies. For these types of clients, we analyse what structural organisational steps need to be taken, both in the internal relationship and in the company itself.

We develop the right concepts for all our customers – from small rural districts to large transportation associations – to develop a tailored, economically viable, and permanently sustainable organisation of the local market. The crucial factor is the division of roles between the contracting organisation and the service provider, and matching these to the needs of passengers.
One of our great strengths is our comprehensive knowledge of legal frameworks. We can support you in defining the transport service in a transport contract, a local transport plan, or a direct awarding. In addition, we will support you through all approvals and regulations.

We get excited about developing an advanced, environmentally friendly transport system. To make this happen, we plan transportation that complies with all relevant legal and economic conditions, and which actively involves local people.
To determine and compare costs, we employ professional economic models which are specifically tailored to the task at hand. This means we can provide local authorities with legally compliant expected values and starting points for true-cost pricing and savings.

We determine how infrastructure can be protected and expanded. In addition, we are involved in the areas of staffing, vehicles, and operations. A key topic at the moment is the transfer of undertakings.

In the area of fares and sales, we can support you in configuring opportunities and challenges in a sensible way. The topic of digitisation is also becoming increasingly relevant.