Our Company

KCW emerged out of the "Competition Competence Centre" administrative department, founded in 1998 as part of the Hamburg local public transport authority (HVV). HVV's objective was to work in partnership with other transportation associations to make organisational, legal, and economic preparations for the introduction of competition into the public transport sector. The administrative department was led by Dr. Jan Werner and Christoph Schaaffkamp. With the department's consultancy areas and team both continually expanding, Werner and Schaaffkamp founded KCW GmbH in 2003. The new company, now operating from headquarters in Berlin, took on the provision of consultancy to local authorities with regard to public transport. The office in Hamburg continued unchanged.

KCW now has four managing directors: Dr. Henning Tegner and Melanie Patout have joined the two founders. The management team also includes Birgit Christmann, Ingo Kühl, Manuela Meitinger and Miguel Wolf.

We have become the largest public transport consultancy firm in Germany. Over 50 specialists from the fields of law, economics, and planning, as well as social and natural sciences, work for KCW, and this consultancy team is supported by a fully dedicated office management operation.

KCW is also active internationally: our presence in France has been growing for several years. In 2015, KCW and Beauvais Consultants jointly formed the Trans-Missions consultancy office in order to pool our activities in France.

We take pride in delivering good technical work, and are driven by a high level of motivation to secure the performance and sustainability of the transport sector.

Our philosophy

We specialise in taking an interdisciplinary, holistic view. This helps us to resolve even complicated situations in the interests of our customers and passengers.

We are independent, and believe this to be our greatest asset. We only take on projects which are open-ended.

Environmental management

The environment is more than just a consultancy area for us. We are a company that takes environmental protection very seriously, both in our consulting and in the day-to-day running of our business. We enact environmentally aware values in practical ways, both in our offices and when travelling for work – preferably by train or bus. Our head office in Berlin is CO2 neutral. We have been awarded the EMAS certificate for internal environmental management.


All KCW employees combine professional expertise with personal enthusiasm for their individual areas of interest. We regard our work as an opportunity to get things moving, and to help create a modern public transport system.

KCW as an employer

Being socially-minded and demanding effective performance go hand-in-hand. We offer an open environment, flat hierarchies, and individual development opportunities. We promote flexible working time arrangements that allow people to pursue both professional development and personal commitments.
This makes it possible to achieve a balance between career and family life, for example.

Our network for comprehensive Consulting

KCW can tap into a tested network of qualified partners which has enabled us to extend our areas of activity at unchanged levels of quality. As a result we are able to provide our clients with advice on a wide range of issues – all in one package.


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